Cladding Installation Calculations

How to measure, plan and install your stone cladding.

Material Calculations

Basic procedure to calculate needed material for the application is:

Application surfaces should be controlled in place or using some photos in terms of conformity to prevent any problems.
Measure and multiply the height and the width of the desired application area. (A m2)
Measure and multiply the height and the width of the non-application area. (B m2)
From the application area (A m2), subtract the non-application area (B m2). Result is the total material needed (C m2).


The application wall has 5m width, 4m height, 2 windows (1.5m width, 1m height) and 1 door (1m width, 2m height).
Total Area : ((W x H [where H reaches soffit plate]) + (W x H [of apex])) / 2
Total Area : ((5 x 2.5) + [(5 x 1.5) ÷ 2] = 16.25m2
Total Non-Application Area : (1 x 1.5) x 2 Windows = 3m2 and (1 x 2m) x 1 door = 2m2

16.25m2 - (3m2 + 2m2) = 11.25m2 Total application material*

Corner Material Calculation

Corner stones and bricks complete natural look of the walls and ensures the integrity of overall application to give a desired appearance.

Measure heights of desired corners and/or columns.
Multiply number of corners with these heights.
(height in m x 4 (number of corners))


A column height is 2.8m and has 4 corners
4 x 2.8m = 11.2 lm Total Corner Stone Calculation.*

* These calculations are made with the products having standard joint distances. If you desire smaller or larger joints, please inform your sales agent and request a calculation according to your joint distances.

Joint Application Calculations

Adhesive Application Calculations

Water Repellent Application Calculations

Country Stone Water Repellent must be applied twice on surfaces.