Cladding Installation Calculations

How to measure, plan and install your stone cladding.

Material Calculations

Basic procedure to calculate needed material for the application is:

TextureWise Stone

Measure and multiply the height and the width of the desired application area. (A m2)
Measure and multiply the height and the width of the non-application area. (B m2)
From the application area (A m2), subtract the non-application area (B m2). Result is the total material needed (C m2).


The application wall has 5m width, 4m height, 2 windows (1.5m width, 1m height) and 1 door (1m width, 2m height).
Total Area : ((W x H [where H reaches soffit plate]) + (W x H [of apex])) / 2
Total Area : ((5 x 2.5) + [(5 x 1.5) ÷ 2] = 16.25m2
Total Non-Application Area : (1 x 1.5) x 2 Windows = 3m2 and (1 x 2m) x 1 door = 2m2

16.25m2 - (3m2 + 2m2) = 11.25m2 Total application material*

Corner Material Calculation

Corner stones and bricks complete natural look of the walls and ensures the integrity of overall application to give a desired appearance.

Measure heights of desired corners and/or columns.
Multiply number of corners with these heights.
(height in m x 4 (number of corners))


A column height is 2.8m and has 4 corners
4 x 2.8m = 11.2 lm Total Corner Stone Calculation.*

* These calculations are made with the products having standard joint distances. If you desire smaller or larger joints, please inform your sales agent and request a calculation according to your joint distances.

Joint Application Calculations

Adhesive Application Calculations

Water Repellent Application Calculations

TextureWise Stone Water Repellent must be applied twice on surfaces.