Isola stone consists of irregular long combinations of dry stack. These special structures create a unique result which can be compared only to nature’s creativity. You will find it in 8 different color combinations, which make it suitable for every space and application.

Samples £20 per sample

Isola is available in the following colours:*

Isola Gold
Sorry, out of stock
Isola Gold (364)
Isola Gray
Isola Gray (365)
Isola Four Seasons
Isola Four Seasons (366)
Isola Brown
Sorry, out of stock
Isola Brown (367)
Isola Champagne
Sorry, out of stock
Isola Champagne (368)
Isola Earth
Isola Earth (369)
Isola Rusty
Isola Rusty (370)
Isola Cream
Sorry, out of stock
Isola Cream (371)

* Please be aware that the photos on our website may not be a true representation of the colour of stone. Please order samples to get a truer feel for the finish, shape, size and colours.