Easy Build Stone - Cream

Natural stone cladding crafted from gritstone with a mix of dark to light creams and greys throughout.

Cream cladding Stone Cladding
Cream cladding (3390)
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Easy Build Stone - Cream Spec

Profile Single Piece
Type of Stone Gritstone
Size HEIGHT (Vertical) Various
Size LENGTH (Horizontal) Various
Size THICKNESS 15-30 mm

Quarried in Dorset, this stone features a unique grainy texture and occasional fossilised shells.

  • Supplied in individual pieces, each with a random shape, offering design versatility.
  • No set heights, lengths, or profiles, providing creative freedom for your projects.
  • Cladding slips are cut to a thickness of 15-30mm, ensuring quick and easy installation.
  • L-shaped corners create an authentic traditional appearance.
  • Mother Nature's artistic touch results in an intriguing mix of colours, adding natural beauty to every space.