Birch Stone Cladding
Birch (179)
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Sage Stone Cladding
Sage (181)
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Made To Order

The following colour profiles are 'made to order', with a typical lead time of 6-8 weeks (depending on the time of year). Please contact us for further details or if you would like more information.

Golden Oak Stone Cladding
Golden Oak (180)

Ledgecut 33 Spec

Profile Panel
Type of Stone Pre-cast Blend
Size HEIGHT (Vertical) 76 mm
Size LENGTH (Horizontal) 305-610 mm
Size THICKNESS 19-51 mm

The number 33 represents the 3" height and 3 different lengths of LedgeCut33TM panel. These individual pieces guarantee a natural and authentic appearance which is easy to handle, cut, and install. LedgeCut33TM is designed for a dry-stack installation and also includes 90 degree corner pieces to complete your project.