Textured Panels - Brick

Textures that you want to touch. Once touched, you become captivated, drawn in with the characteristics of the product. The brick wall look will appeal to great many projects, both indoor and outdoor.

Starting from the ancient Roman times, mankind used bricks in almost every continent, extensively in Europe. Brick has always caught the attention of humans thanks to its charming textures, simplicity, flexibility, and long-lasting properties.

Our Brick Textured Wall Panels are inspired by the exposed brick wall trend that has stood up to the test of time and is still extremely popular in the UK and Europe.  Providing excellent durability and low maintenance, these composite brick panels are a quick and cost-effective way to replicate the look of a hand laid brick wall.

Whether looking for the imperial sized Londinium Bricks or weathered Heritage Bricks or thin Roman Bricks or regular edged Rustic Bricks or Loft Bricks with a charming loft look; you are in the right place.